Agaricus Blazei - Oriveda, 180 capsuls
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Agaricus blazei Murrill, (ABM) contains more than any other medicinal mushroom the complex (1>3)(1>6) Beta?D?Glucans (a type of bioactive polysaccharides), that are thought to be responsible for the potent immune?modulating properties of mushroom extracts. Apart from the immune?modulating properties ABM is thought to inhibit the enzyme aromatase, which has been associated with the development of breast cancer.* The primary focus of research on ABM extracts has been on its anti?tumor properties. Results are promising, particularly in regard to utero?cervical cancers*. The immune?modulating properties of this ABM extract also make it potentially useful against many other health problems, including allergies and other immune?related diseases. Additional therapeutic effects include (but are not limited to): normalizing of blood sugar levels? anti?viral potential and normalizing cholesterol levels. For one serving (3 capsules @ 300 mg**) the main specifications are as follows: 60% polysaccharides (over 60 % of these are bioactive beta?D?glucans) over 0.80 % polyphenols 3198 micrograms Magnesium (important for regulating bone formation and glucose metabolism) 74.5 micrograms Manganese (important for calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation) 1.7 micrograms Chromium (helps to regulate blood sugar) 165 micrograms Iron (e.g. important for hemoglobin formation ? the principal carrier of oxygen throughout the body) Capsules 100% HPMC (cellulose ? suitable for vegans and vegetarians). Recommended intake (one serving is 3 capsules daily): As a daily dietary supplement: 1 serving daily (adult below the age of 50)? 2 servings in case you're older. As a temporary immune boost? fighting side effects of medication? recovering: 2 or 3 servings a day. Normalising cholesterol, fighting allergies***: 2 or 3 servings a day. This product has been processed in compliance with the following pharmaceutical standards: ISO 9001:2008? HACCP, cGMP. The safety and specifications have been validated in a FDA?approved lab ? the results are available on request†. **100 % ABM extract. No fillers or additives, GMO?free, non?irradiated. Based on cultivated ABM fruiting bodies (USDA organic), extracted using hot water and alcohol. This product does not contain allergens. *Takaku, T? Kimura, Y? Okuda, H (2001). "Isolation of an antitumor compound from Agaricus blazei Murill and its mechanism of action.". The Journal of Nutrition 131 Kawakami, S., K. Minato, T. Hashimoto, H. Ashida & M. Mizuno, 2002. "TNF?alpha and NO production from macrophages is enhanced through up?regulation of NF?kB by polysaccharides purified from Agaricus blazei Murrill." Proceedings of the 7th International Mycological Congress Oslo 11?17 August, pg. 55. ABM Extract capsules ? information leaflet General guidelines This product does not contain toxins, psychotropic substances or other harmful substances. It is not addictive. It is not possible to overdose and there are no harmful side effects. In general it can be used together with other medication and will not affect the intended effect of that medication. Also see below. It might have a positive effect on the undesired side effects of medication. Positive effects have been reported e.g. during chemo and radiation therapy. The product should be taken with water or another liquid (not in smoothies !) on an empty stomach, at least 30 min. before meals. Capsules are easy to open (just pull them apart) and you can dissolve the extract powder that's inside in warm water if preferred. We recommend to take the extract together with some vitamin C ? this improves the absorption and therefore the therapeutic potential.
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Agaricus Blazei - Oriveda, 180 capsuls

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