Aloe Arborescens, 16 oz
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Aloe Arborescens Revitalizes Suppressed Immune Systems and Promotes Systemic Detoxification. Supreme Immune Health Formula™ is a Dietary Supplement for Supreme Immune Health that is made using the internationally acclaimed Brazilian Aloe Arborescens recipe published by Father Romano Zago(Order of Friors Minor, Brazilian Scholar, Author, and Aloe researcher). Recent clinical studies reveal this formula supports immune health due in part to the synergistic activity among the 200 phytonutrient constituents found in the sap, gel and the entire whole leaf of the botanical Aloe Arborescens which has the highest concentration of these properties of all the known 250 aloe varieties, including Aloe Vera. This Aloe Arborescens immune formula is a proprietary blend manufactured by Deca Aloe Arborescens U.S. LP. It brings together the therapeutic properties of two potent ingredients of all natural Whole Leaf Aloe Arborescens liquid with pulp and raw, unheated and unpasteurized honey that provides powerful support for the immune system and helps maintain optimal health. Both ingredients are also known as super foods from nature.
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  • Manufacturer: DECA Aloe

Aloe Arborescens, 16 oz

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