Ban Zhi Lian, 100 Grams
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Ban Zhi Lian Granules, 100g SKU KPC125 Brand KPC Granules - Single Herbs Unit Size 100g Bottle Potency 5:1 extract granules Taste Acrid; Slightly Bitter Properties Cool - Bensky Contraindications Caution during Pregnancy Actions Clears heat; Resolves toxicity; invigorates the blood; Reduces swellings; Promotes urination and reduces edema; Mildly dispels blood stasis and stops bleeding Pattern Heat, toxicity, Damp-heat - Bensky Channels Entered Liver; Lung; Stomach Chinese name Ban Zhi Lian English name Scute, Bearded Scutellaria; Barbat Skullcap
  • Item #: BANZ
  • Manufacturer: Crane Enterprises

Ban Zhi Lian, 100 Grams

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