Yi Yi Ren, 100 mgs
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Product Information Product Code: 8850 Name: Yi Yi Ren ??? Pharmaceutical Name: Coicis Semen Alternate Name: Coix Japanese Name: Yokuinin Unit Size: 100 gm. Vendor: KPC Products Product Line: KPC Herbs (info) (products) Manufacturing Process: water decocted concentrate(5:1) Dosage: 1 gm: 2-3X/day Materia Medica Categories Chapter: Drain Dampness Section: Drain Dampness Symptoms TCM Patterns ?Dampness ?Damp Heat ?Wind-Dampness-Painful Obstruction ?Spleen-Qi Deficient ?Heat-Stagnant ?Wind-Dampness ?Wind Damp -Joints Tongue ?Coating-Greasy Pulse ?None Listed Contraindications ?Pregnancy ?Allergy - Gluten Treatment Principles ?Tonify the Spleen ?Cool Heat ?Expel Pus ?Resolve Dampness ?Strengthen the Spleen ?Clear Heat ?Clear Damp Heat Properties Channels ?Spleen (25%) ?Lung (25%) ?Stomach (25%) ?Kidney (25%) Properties ?Slightly Cold (100%) Tastes ?Sweet (50%) ?Bland (50%)
  • Item #: YIYI
  • Manufacturer: Crane Herb Company

Yi Yi Ren, 100 mgs

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